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CG has brought suit on behalf of its clients against some of the largest commercial entities in the world, including McDonald's, FedEx, Calpine, American Airlines, Old Dominion Freight, Union Pacific Railroad, Rickmers Line, Hyundai, OOCL and Evergreen, to name a few. Large corporations have seemingly limitless resources and will defend suits vigorously using the best attorneys in the country. CG is more than ready for the challenge.
Thanks in large part to technology, the manner in which cases are litigated has changed dramatically over the past 15 years, including the increasing use of electronic filing with the courts and advanced document management software which allows for quick and efficient analysis, indexing and storage of large volumes of documents. Also, video conferencing and even telephone depositions are encouraged by most courts as an effective, practial way to greatly reduce the need for travel in taking depositions. This has leveled the playing field and allowed smaller firms to not get burried in complex litigation.


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