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Admiralty & Maritime Law is often referred to as "ancient" and "arcane." Indeed. Yet it remains as one of the most vital areas of law. Cargo that is loaded on large vessels intended for destinations across the globe is always at risk of damage from innumerable circumstances. From the time of loading and stowage, to transit, discharge and on-shipment, there are numerous handlers, intermediaries, events and conditions to which cargo will be subjected. Damage is possible at any point in the chain of handling. Understanding this complex area of law requires a knowledge of the maritime laws of the United States, as well as the laws and treaties from nations worldwide. This highly specialized area of law requires expertise that few in the country possess. CG has over 15 years experience in this particular field, has filed over 500 maritime cases in federal and state courts, has taken on the largest shipping companies in the world, and has collected over $12 Million in recoveries due to cargo having been damaged in transit.

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